X-ray technology by Smiths Heimann

Smiths Heimann X-ray technology

For more than 100 years X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye. Radiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images of scanned objects whilst maintaining the highest possible level of operator safety.

HI-SCAN X-ray inspection units unite the extensive benefits of the scanning process with state-of-the-art image processing. A special generator, developed and manufactured by Smiths Heimann, produces the X-rays needed for scanning. Data gathered by ultra-sensitive semi-conductor detectors is digitally stored.

The ensuing detailed and high-contrast image is shown on a color monitor. Numerous analysis functions help the operator to assess the scanned object. A special attribute of Smiths Heimann X-ray technology is the extremely low radiation dosage.

State-of-the-art image evaluation right at your fingertips

Due to the high technology standard, all HI-SCAN units are equipped with a lot of image evaluation and enhancement features, which are available to the operator. The HI-MAT feature displays 3 groups of material in different colors, whereas the Superenhancement function serves to automatically select the best contrast for every spot within the X-ray image. But there is much more: look at the following animation to get an impression of some of the features available.
Image showing a tight packed suitcase

Examples of image evaluation functions regarding the X-ray image taken from the suitcase above(animation)

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